Welcome to the All New Beeclass.com web site.

Major changes have been made to the first edition of Beekeeping 101, 201, and 301.  These changes are so vast that it is a new creation with little resemblance to the previous edition. It contains many new pictures, three movies, power point presentations, and printable manual for all 30 lessons.

Registered owners of the previous edition can purchase a new CD for $10.00 shipping and handling.  It will be necessary to send the old cd to:  Dana T. Stahlman, 3075 Mann Road, Blacklick, Ohio 43004 with your return address.  The original label on the cd must be attached to the cd. This identifies the seller of the cd and the code.  And your original cd will be returned with the new edition.

The new edition can be purchased from a number of outstanding suppliers of bee equipment or ordered directly from the author Dana T. Stahlman.

A link to the original version of Beekeeping 101, 201, and 301.

A sample of the improvements to the older version 

Purchase this cd using paypal and receive this cd within the next week for you to begin your study of  beekeeping lessons: